Tourism and leisure activities in Dubai and the Emirates

Al Abjar Tourism offers a wide range of leisure activities to fulfill almost any individualís dream. Our team of qualified tour guides are multi-lingual and have a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the Emirates, their culture and the environment.


  Dune dinners

Your clients can experience the thrills of driving in the desert, followed by a barbeque, with traditional Arabian cuisine and entertainment.

  4x4 Safaris

Amongst other activities, these offer the opportunity of Quad Bike riding and sand skiing in the fabulous desert dunes, with the option of an overnight stay, in the Bedouin style of camping, in a tent under the stars.

  City sightseeing

Day trips maybe organised for your clients to take in the sights of all the major cities in the Emirates. These include the cosmopolitan Dubai, Abu Dhabi the capital, Al Ain, Sharjah & Ajman and the simplistic rural and rugged surroundings of Ras-Al-Khaimah.


  Sporting activities

As you may well imagine, the Emirates is perfect for all kinds of sporting activities. For the better part of the year the climate is temperate, there is no shortage of open space and the Emirates are surrounded by sea. Sporting activities range from fishing, diving and parasailing to horse-riding, shooting and golf.

  Cultural expeditions

A wealth of cultural knowledge is just waiting to be explored. The Emirates hold such mysteries and history that a trip to the museums of Dubai, Al Ain and Sharjah is a must on the itinerary, along with the various Mosques and archeological sites.

  Excursions to the neighbouring Emirates and Oman

Here your clients can discover how each Emirates differs from each other in its terrain and architecture, from the rugged mountains of Fujairah to the simplistic and rural setting of Ras Al Khaimah.
A variety of cruises including Dhows (old-style sailing vessels) are also offered to take your clients to Musandam, the northern tip of Oman. With its stunning sheer mountain ranges and crystal clear waters, the Musandam region is often referred to as fjords of the Middle East.

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